5 Ideas For Your Artificial Grass Party

5 ideas for your artificial grass party

You have just got your garden renovated using artificial grass. What would be more interesting than having a party at this gorgeous artificial turf garden? Since the setting is perfect all you have to do is to think of a theme for this party of yours. Nowadays artificial grass party getting popular in Victoria. Here are 5 party ideas for your newly made synthetic turf garden.

Artificial grass party getting popular in Melbourne

Synthetic lawn gives your party a different look. You’ll get a cool, calm and classy feel. Your grass will become a talking point. Synthetic grass for school gardens are getting popular. Apart from this Maintenance and Installation will save your time.

1 Hawaiian theme

Cover your tables with grass cut in the shape of the famous Hawaiian skirt. Bring over some banana leaves to pretend as plates to be used. Make sure to get some Hawaiian dancers to join in the groove and your party setup is complete. If you have some crazy friends who would love to volunteer and bring in some lovely music and games to play then nothing like it.

2 Lunch Potluck

Everyone gets a chance to test their culinary skills here. Decide one dish which each member is going to prepare. Bring out the fruits of the season to create some Yummylicious desserts for all. Add all this with fun games like musical chairs and pass the parcel. However be careful about the cleaning of your artificial turf garden in this one. Since a lot of food is involved here then chances are it might just spill on your garden causing trouble for you.

3 Colour splash

Decide what kind of colour you would want the theme to be. It could be any of the bright red, orange or any colour of your choice.  Make sure that all the guests are either wearing that colour or something in that hue.  Make your decorations and what more your dishes also matching with the theme colour. If the colour codes are followed correctly your garden’s beauty would be unmatchable for sure.

4 Elegant outdoors

Since your garden is already looking elegant due to the artificial turf installed why not introduce people to it. Decide a theme and set the decorations accordingly.  Bring out your favourite crockery and glassware along with some beautiful flowers and won’t your guests be amazed. Add some champagne and dim lights if you are planning to hold the party in an evening.  However, make sure that these drinks do not fall down on your synthetic turf.

5 Tea party

This one is especially for the ladies who love to chit chat occasionally. Decorate your table with lacy white sheets and prepare some cakes and sandwiches as well. You can add some flower decorations to give a fresh feel to the entire event. Ask your friends to decide on some games which you can play or maybe you can just have a gossip event for fun.


Artificial grass party is much easier option compare to fake and natural grass. These are just a few of the party ideas that you can implement with your artificial turf garden around. Make sure to be very careful that things are not spilled on the grass. Consult a reputed artificial turf supplier when you want any kind of maintenance work done in your garden. If you want the garden to look beautiful forever picking up the right company is of utmost importance.

Install your artificial grass for party.

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