Artificial Lawn Maintenance

A guide for artificial lawn maintenance

For any normal homeowner getting synthetic turf installed may be a strange concept altogether. However, what about doing away with the hassle of maintaining the grass and removing the weeds regularly? Yes, these are the benefits you generally gain after landscaping with synthetic grass. But there are still some tips to maintaining them for a longer duration. Let’s find out more about artificial lawn maintenance.

Removing debris and trash

First and most importantly you would have to keep removing any kind of dirt or debris which might blow over into your garden. There are leaves, stones and other trash which can enter your garden and then it would be your duty to remove them regularly from there. If it is only light stuff like leaves or paper you can use a blower to move them away from the garden. Else for stones etc. You might have to pick them up either manually or you could use a poker for the same.

Advanced deep cleaning of synthetic grass

Usually, the regular amount of rains is sufficient to keep your artificial grass clean for a long time. However, once in a while cleaning with the hose is required to keep it looking as good as new. Though you should do that only if you actually feel that the amount of dirt requires deep cleaning. Also if you notice any kind of stains on the surface use only mild soap to clean that up. Avoid using any kind of abrasives or harsh chemicals on that surface as that may cause damage to your beautifully designed garden.

Clean up pet poop

If you also have a pet who loves to lie down once in a while in your garden and maybe even dirtied it you would have to clean that up too. Use a plastic bag and a pooper scooper to remove the trash from there. Later you would have to hose down that particular area. You can also clean your pet’s urine using the same technique. However, make sure to do so quickly so that it does not start emanating a foul smell from there.

Avoiding stains and burns

As artificial grass getting popular for schools playgrounds and commercial areas. Though you can clean stubborn stains like cigarette burns it is advisable to try and avoid them completely. Note that materials like acid, grease, lubricant and motor oil can permanently damage your turf hence try and keep such materials stored away. In case you have a burn mark on your turf you can call your Synthetic Grass Living as we would be able to solve this problem for you.

Protecting from snow

Apart from these in case you are in a place where it snows regularly then you might have to keep that in mind too. You can remove a light sheet of snow by just dusting it away. However, if snow is deep, remove the top layers using a shovel or blower. Leave only one inch of snow which you can later clean with the help of a broom or brush.


These simple artificial lawn maintenance tips would help you in taking care of your artificial grass garden without much burden. If in case you are still facing problem call out your turf supplier as only they may be able to help you better. Always take the help of a reliable service provider for installation else the entire process may become more of a pain than pleasure for you.

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Our 5 simple artificial lawn maintenance tips would help you in taking care of your artificial grass garden without much burden.

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