Artificial Turf On Roof

Top 5 reasons for installing artificial turf on the roof

We all want our house or office to be the best looking one around. Apart from using the best kind of accessories to increase its aesthetic appeal we also try to use materials which can grant longevity to the same. One such accessory that has caught everyone’s attention these days is synthetic grass. Apart from your garden, you can install artificial turf on the roof as well. Let us understand how that would benefit the overall appearance and improve the value of your house.

Why is artificial turf on roof beneficial?

Here are 5 main reasons you should install artificial grass in your house or commercial place.

1 Avoid Slippage

If the deck of your pool or the patio is just below the roof which is slanting it is quite possible that someone can slip from there. This can be extremely hazardous however situation can be controlled by installing artificial turf. Once the same is done correctly the roof becomes secure and any chances of falling down are minimised.

2 Enhances The Look

In cities finding the patch of green is becoming a rarity. For such a scenario if you add some artificial grass to your roof it lends a comforting look. Changing its shape and pattern as per your requirement will provide it with a character and make it distinct from other homes.

3 Provides Insulation

Adding artificial grass to your roof provides it with the much-needed insulation. Doing so would let the warmth of your house stay just inside and not escape. This in turn also provides a sort of external protection from natural elements for your house.

4 Reduces Maintenance

To increase the life of your roof you may have to keep checking for any damage or leakages. However, installing the artificial grass on your roof keeps it protected hence no major damage can be seen on the roof in future. This, in turn, reduces the maintenance cost which you would otherwise have to shell in case of repairs.

5 Simplified Cleaning

Normally we have to make a lot of effort when it comes to cleaning our roof. There are leaves and twigs which can fly and settle on your roof. However, installing artificial turf makes sure that you do not have to waste much time in cleaning it up. Just once a month clean-up is sufficient to keep your roof as good as new.


Synthetic grass is the latest trend to invade the home improvement market. If you are interested in giving a professional look to your home then opt for this unique invention. Make sure to get a reliable and certified service provider to do the installation for you. You are not being careful in this regard can cause much burden for you which you may not want.

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Tajinder Randhawa:
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