Increasing Your House Value With Fake Grass

Increase Your House Value With Fake Grass

Whenever thinking of selling your house the first and last thing in your mind is to get the best deal possible. Any real estate agent you may consult will tell that the appearance of the house is one of the biggest deal clinchers. However, the looks of your house involve the entire package and that includes the garden too. Hence arises the need to use artificial grass to enhance the overall look of your garden. Let us see how we can increase your house value with fake grass.

5 Tips on how you can use fake grass to increase the selling value of your house.

Difference between fake and natural grass is something that needs to be understood before opting for it. Let us see how we can use synthetic grass to our maximum benefit and increase your house’s resale value.

1 Creating a leisure area

Use your artificial turf to create a separate zone where your entire family can spend some time together. This would give the buyer an impression about how dedicatedly you have created your safe haven with best landscaping. He might also be ready to pay extra for this special benefit he is getting.

2 Be colour coordinated

Match the exteriors of your house with the kind of synthetic turf colour which would look best with it. You can also use multiple hues but make sure they all look well-coordinated. Your turf provider can provide you valuable inputs in this regard.

3 Adding embellishments

To add up the sale value of your family you can insert an embellishment like a fountain or merbau decking in the middle of the garden. However, do make sure to adjust your artificial grass installation according to the placement of the same. It is better to add these features when the synthetic turf is being done otherwise it becomes tough to not spoil your garden.

4 Fit the grass as per the lines

Follow the lines of your property to fit into the artificial grass on the same pattern. This grants a visual appeal to the garden and the buyer definitely notices the pain taken to create the same.

5 Grant a spacious look

You can use artificial turf to make your garden look much more spacious. It is advised that the installation is done such that all the vacant spaces are aptly used. Divide your garden in a manner that each part of it exerts a visual impact on the mind of the customer.


Using artificial grass for your garden not only reduces your maintenance work it also acts as a magnet when it comes to selling. Customers give thumbs up to maintained well house. Consult a reputed artificial turf supplier to take care of the above mentioned requirements for you. Do your research well before making a choice as any carelessness would impact your property in multiple ways.

Tajinder Randhawa:

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  • This is a great list of tips you've given!
    You're right in saying that increasing your home's visual appeal impacts its saleability. It reassures the buyer that there is next to no work needing to be done on the property.

    I like that you've talked about coordinating the colour of your turf with your house. This is something that definitely gets overlooked by most people, and if the colours don't go well together it can have a notable negative impact on how buyers see your property.

    Out of the tips you've given, which one do you think is the most important?

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