Mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass

Mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass

If you are among those who love to maintain a beautiful garden around their home then sometimes the task may not be as simple as it seems. The exceeding pressure of handling and removing the weeds can be a difficult task. However, many people these days prefer landscaping with artificial turf in their homes. Installing artificial grass is never easy job. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips.

5 common mistakes you should avoid before installing astroturf.

  1. The ground where you wish to install the synthetic turf should be cleared of all any existing plants, bushes or saplings. Do not, however, make the mistake of doing so only from the top. You would have to make sure that the removal happens from the root level.
  2. While installing artificial grass we must realise the importance of a sub base. If you wish that the water from your grass should drain completely then do not decide on skipping this step. Also if kids are going to use the fake grass ground then try adding a shock pad so that they do not get hurt by falling.
  3. The most common error we make while installing fake turf is not arranging our tiles correctly. It is very important that you keep note of the correct positions of each tile. There is always a chance of you arranging two tiles in opposite directions. If that happens it may take you a lot of time to correct this mistake.
  4. When fixing artificial grass the use of correct adhesive is recommended. However, use it as a means to join the tiles together and not to fix the grass to the ground. If you are using cement edging then glue is reliable. For a timber edging, you might have to use pins to get your work done.
  5. Always try and maintain the original contouring of your garden. An astroturf looks good only if it appears natural to others. The easiest way for someone to find out if your garden is fake turf is if it appears too flat.


Synthetic grass has become the need of the day with many people opting for it to give an aesthetic look to their home. If you have a problem getting the installation then you should always trust a reliable turf supplier to do this job for you. He will not only get your job done in the best manner but will also suggest you methods to maintain the look for a long time. Go ahead schedule an appointment with one today itself.

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