5 Different surfaces you can install grass

5 Different surfaces you can install artificial grass on

Our houses are a reflection of our personalities. When we are getting our houses constructed this is the basic thought that influences all our decisions. Installing artificial grass on your house premise gives it an attractive look and also reduces your maintenance work to a large extent. However, do you know that you can always experiment with your artificial turf and install it on a variety of surfaces? Here we tell you about five surfaces you can install artificial grass on.

Surfaces you can choose


If you have cemented patios and area near swimming pool are also of the same material then artificial grass can be installed there. You can cut it to any shape and size and fit in hence enhancing the décor of your property.


Now this may leave you confused about how doing this is possible. In case of an uneven surface, you can put a thin pad in between in order to maintain uniformity. A reliable artificial turf supplier can do that effectively and efficiently.


Supposing you have benches, tables, plant racks or any patios made of wood you can always consider installing artificial turf on them. However, ask a synthetic grass supplying firm to do so for you as wood needs to be first protected from the impact of water. They will install a covering over the surface to make it water proof before finally moving ahead with the turf installation.


This is the surface where the artificial grass is installed the most. However before doing that it is necessary that the surface is cleaned properly and eliminated of any stones or pebbles. It is also important that the drainage system of the surface is altered in advance so that you do not face any kinds of issues while going through the installation.


If you want to decorate small items in your household like football, swings, baby toys, coffee table you can do so with help of synthetic grass. This would not require much effort on your part. Just using some simple adhesive you can stick the grass onto these objects and leave them for drying.


In today’s world using artificial grass keeps your lawn maintenance woes minimised. However, installation of the same should never be assigned to a novice firm. Contact a trustworthy artificial turf company to take care of all your problems. Needless to say, you are going to breathe a sigh of relief after getting the same done.

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